🎉We have moved to a much more modernized open Matrix network for secure, decentralized communication🎉

What is Matrix❓🤔

YouTube: Matrix Intro

Connecting 🖥️📱💻

  • Here are some ways to connect to the federated matrix [dot] kode [dot] IM network
  • Alternatively you may connect using the fancy self-hosted Matrix client
  • See the list of available Desktop and Mobile apps

👉To help combat spam, we will not be opening up registrations at this time. Instead, you have a couple of options.

  • Sign in via OAuth using your own GitHub or Google account
  • Sign in using your existing Matrix account

Token Registration

If you were given a registration token you can create your unique @username:kode.im Matrix account on the registration page.

X.509 Certificate

SHA1 Fingerprint=8D:71:D4:FB:FF:6B:5D:0A:02:16:08:DF:98:95:2D:2B:A8:78:E4:7C